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Ocean Investigators Group provides services to Corporations, Professionals, Law Firms, Small Business, and
qualified individuals.  In all cases there must be a qualified legal purpose for our firm to accept your business.
All of our investigations are fully compliant with all State, Federal laws and The Fair Credit Reporting Act, and the Gramm-Leach Bliley Act.

Our sources of information regarding assets focus on the current public, private and proprietary records available.  Specialized searches which have a focus on banking, brokerage, and other financial records are also available.  All of our investigations are conducted with the highest industry standards relating to ethics, methods, and techniques.

Corporate and Personal Asset Profiles-

* Bank, Brokerage and Investment accounts
* Bankruptcies , Personal and Corporate
* Corporate Ownership- Private and Public Companies
* Residential and Commercial Real Estate
* Motor Vehicle Ownership
* Boats, Yachts, and Vessel Ownership and Use
* Aircraft Ownership
* Patents and Trademarks
* Business Ownership, and Partnerships as a Silent Partner
*Liens and Judgments


f you have been awarded a judgment by the courts, the most important aspect of the judgment claim is the collection of the financial award owed to you as the Creditor. In all jurisdictions  the courts provide detailed instructions for you to attempt to collect your judgment award yourself.  The information the courts provide is missing one key element "you have to locate the Debtors assets", the courts do not assist you in anyway with that piece.  Once the assets are all located if there are any at all, then you can move forward with the process to collect.  Every individual and company has many options to locate assets, and simply they are:  Hire any attorney and pay a retainer fee up front, Hire a private Investigative Agency, or do it on your own and pay untold sums of money to do so. 

ur firm specializes in Judgment recovery, and with our numerous sources, databases, and contacts we are able to work on locating the Debtors assets if they have any.  We then will continue to file all of the required court papers to collect your judgment.  With our services you pay NOTHING to us in up front costs ever.  If we find no assets regarding the Debtor you still owe us NOTHING.  All we require is that you assign the Judgment to our firm to collect and we retain a set percentage of the Judgment collected.  Our professional investigative staff will conduct the collection on your behalf.

  Many cases are most effectively investigated by first initiating an activity check.  An activity check or lifestyle check can provide valuable information before considering surveillance or other forms of investigation.  Activity checks can be performed in the field and by telephone.


Our background investigations are relatively a low-cost activity that can potentially save you substantial problems and expense at a later time.  It's important to always be educated, informed and aware in your decisions with personal and business matters.  Our focus with background investigations is to further assist our clients make careful and well informed decisions.

The information in background investigations include personal credit history, criminal arrest, and  court records.  We conduct background investigations for Corporate, Personal, and Small Business.  We conduct all of our investigations within strict guidelines and in the strictest confidential manner.

Background Profiles-

* Address History
* Aliases
* Educational Verifications
* High Risk Addresses
* Death Records
* Dates of Birth
* Phone Numbers
* Cell Phone Information
* E-mail Addresses
* Web Connections Incident Logs
* Professional Licenses
* Neighbors, Roommates, Relatives, Other Occupants
* Corporate Records
* Fictitious Business Names
* Business Affiliations
* Bankruptcies
* Tax Liens, Civil Judgments, Evictions
* Aircraft, Watercraft Ownership
* Internet Domains Registrations
* Vehicle Ownership
* Criminal Records, Arrest Records, Sex Offender Records, Wants and Warrants

CRIMINAL HISTORY CHECKSMany of the cases we investigate involve a criminal history check.  There is no system that can provide criminal history's on an individual that's available to the public.  Criminal history searches are most effectively conducted on a county-by-county basis.  we provide nationwide and international access to records that include criminal history's and copies of legal documents that may assist in making decisions.

EMPLOYEE BACKGROUND CHECKS AND PRE-EMPLOYMENT-  We provide comprehensive background checks and investigations that will assist you in making a better informed hiring decision.  Effective hiring practices are critical to the success of your business whatever the size.  Failure to conduct a pre-employment background check could subject your company to a potentially unwanted downfall.  When you suspect a current employee may be at the focus of wrong doing. that's the time to call the expertise of our company to assist.

CIVIL INVESTIGATIONS-  Our company is experienced in preparing civil cases for settlement or trial.  We handle all the witness locating, interviews and prepare all required court documents.  Whether the plantiff or defense contacts our company we document the events, identify the potential liable parties and assess the damages.

CORPORATE AND BUSINESS SERVICES-  Our company has extensive experience in dealing with situations within the corporate and business environment. Our investigators work with executives, managers, corporate counsel, and internal security to resolve corporate issues.


          * Activity Checks
          * Asset Searches
          * Competitive Intelligence
          * Computer Forensics
          * Employee Background Checks
          * Fraud and Theft Investigations
          * Internet Investigations
          * Security Consultation
          * Surveillance
          * Undercover Intelligence
          * Video Surveillance
          * Worker's Compensation
          * Workplace Violence


Our basic belief is honesty,being transparent, communication between our company and the client at all time when practical and cost management.  Our rates include video when practical and photographs at no additional charge.  We charge an hourly rate when practical or suggest a daily rate.  We offer a no cost consultation to review your potential service needs. Any additional expenses will be discussed on a case by case basis with the client.

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